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Traditional Village Wedding…. And more..

For those of you that are wondering if that’s me in the header picture, well guess what – it is!  Back in the days when I was an actress on the big stage………. Wait stop!  I’m dreaming again!  But seriously, it is me, but no, I’ve never been an actress on any stage! (Although my husband may beg to differ!

Weddings are always great occasions,  but when it’s a marriage of two cultures, it becomes so much more…


A while ago we were privileged to be able to attend a traditional wedding in a small village in West Java, Indonesia.  The trip to the village was an experience in itself, let alone the actual wedding!

It started with a flight from Perth to Jakarta, IMG_7826then a 3 hour train ride to Cirebon, and then about 30 minutes drive to the village of Sindagjawa.

I think we were probably the only western people in the village, and certainly the only ones that could speak English! But what a day!  Absolutely wonderful, the Javanese villagers made us so welcome, we were family!

And what a wedding!  The costumes, the ceremony, the music,  it was like being  in a movie!  I can honestly say I have never experienced anything like it.  And I must say,  I’ve never seen so many Aussie males have such a great time without any alcohol being served!  That in itself was quite unique!

But it wasn’t only a lot of fun,  it was a wonderful cultural experience,  the wedding traditions, from the bride and groom feeding each other,  IMG_0688to the coin and sweets throwing for the children, IMG_0750the blessings given by the families,  and then of course all the usual speeches  (which we didn’t understand a word of, but everyone was smiling so I guess it was all good stuff)!IMG_0710

After a whole day of celebrations, we returned to the hotel in Cirebon for a welcome cold beer or cocktail and nice dip in the pool.

I believe all of us that were there will treasure that day in our memories forever, and for the bride and groom we all wish them a long and happy marriage.