Marble Mountain, Lady Buddha and more….

Oh, beautiful Da Nang!  On the back of a motorbike from Hoi An to Da Nang beach, nice wide roads and cooling breeze – can’t wait to get to the beach!

Da Nang Beach.jpg
Da Nang Beach

Oops, forgot I can’t swim!  Never mind, just lazing around keeping out of the heat of the sun watching Rick swim was good enough for me!  Dan Nang beach is beautiful, white sand,  lots of sun lounges and beachside restaurants a great way to spend a morning.

Bike hire in Vietnam is really cheap, about 5AUD per day and petrol easily available and equally as cheap.  Once out of the busy cities, the roads are wide and for the most part empty.

We spent a few days on the bike leaving Hoi An and basically just getting lost!

Dan Nang beach
Dan Nang beach with basket boats

After the beach we cruised up to Marble Mountain,  where we decided to take the elevator to the top instead of climbing the 150-odd steps!

Marble Mountain
Marble Mountain

Marble Mountain is a group of five marble and limestone mountains, named after the five elements of the ancient oriental philosophy: metal, wood, water, fire and earth.

Once at the top there it is quite a surprise, much bigger than we thought and there are temples and pagodas everywhere!

Temple Entrance Marble Mountain
Temple Entrance Marble Mountain

The main attraction though are the temples inside the cave, it is definitely worth the trip for that alone.  We easily spent a few hours here,  wandering around and stopping every now and then to take in the view and grab another cold drink.

We decided not to be totally lazy, and took the steps on the way down!

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After a nice seafood lunch at one of the beachside restaurants, we continued along the beach road and up the mountain to see the Lady Buddha.


She is amazing, so pure white and standing 72 metres high, the largest statue in South-east Asia. There are 17 floors in the statue, each floor has an altar with 21 Buddha statues which have different shapes, facial expression and posture.

Lady Buddha can be seen from anywhere in the city, standing on the side of the mountain she dominates, and the views from there are spectacular.IMGP0284 (1)

There are many statues at this site, all are pristine white and made of solid marble.

Dragon at Lady Buddha
Dragon at Lady Buddha

Again, like everywhere you visit in Vietnam,  the sense of respect for everything is something you can’t help but feel.

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