Our Daily (Corsican) Bread…..

Remember I said we like food and wine?  Well Corsica is THE place for both! The wonderful charcuterie that comes from the wild boar is amazing!  I must say that it is the best we have ever had from anywhere on the planet. affinageAlmost all cafes, restaurants and bistros serve charcuterie platters for sharing and they usually come with olives, cornichons and the best-ever french bread!


A fresh baguette cost around a dollar, so we bought one every morning!  It doesn’t need any butter, just slice and eat!  plattterAlong with some wine and maybe olives, pate and cornichons what else does one need??

Of Course, Corsica isn’t just good for charcuterie and bread, it also has the best Gelato I have tasted!  And it’s eaten anytime of the day, no guilt – just whenever you fancy!   Are you starting to see why I loved Corsica so much?? IMG_1892

Where else can you have a glass of wine in one hand and a huge gelato in the other at  ten o’clock in the morning?   That’s my idea of morning tea!!

I found Corsican wines to be not so “full-bodied” (if that’s the right terminology!), almost weak in a way, but that’s what made them so drinkable!  It’s easy to see why the locals sit and chat with a glass or two any time of the day, starting as early as breakfast sometimes.  Yet, saying that,  even though people seemed to drink early and maybe throughout the day, not once did we see any bad behaviour.

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Corsican food is mostly organic, with  local produce available direct from growers and at farmers’ markets.  Products include; cheeses, olives, vegetables and fruits, honey, herbs and spices, nuts and of course, charcuterie. The sellers encourage sampling before buying so it’s a great way to spend a morning!

500_____LIQUEUR DE MYRTE_136Apart from their wines, Corsican’s like their home-made  Liqueur de Myrte.  Made from the berries and leaves of the red myrtle tree, it is usually drunk after a meal, like a port. It is so popular that in most restaurants they just give you the bottle and leave you to help yourself after your meal at no charge!

Surprisingly enough, although Corsica is an island, it is not renowned for seafood. This is perhaps due to the Corsicans moving more inland and up in the mountains many years ago. You can still get seafood in some restaurants, but you will pay for it.




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