So I told a little fib

In a  previous blog, I said my travel-lust started at about age 13 when two friends and myself planned a cycling trip around England.

That was not quite true.

It actually started way way back when I was very young and my sister-in-law worked in a London hairdressers. On Saturdays she only worked a couple of hours and so would take me along with her, and after work we would visit different landmarks and tourist places all around the city.

This was the time when the “Monument” was the tallest building and observation tower, I remember climbing all 311 steps to get to the top thinking what a clever girl I was!


These little excursions were also where I found my love for British history and the Monarchy. It was from these early days that it became embedded in me to seek and learn, to find new places and explore cultures.

I grew up with a love of London, which I still have to this day despite not living there for over 40 years!images

The most memorable of all the trips I did with Carol, was seeing the Crown Jewels at the Tower of London. No words can describe the beauty of the magnificent gold and gems seen up close. No photograph or video could ever do them justice, they are simply awesome!

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